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Do you need a dental professional immediately? Maybe you are bothered by a horrible tooth ache, your teeth got chipped, your tooth filling fell out, your jaw hurts or something else happened with your tooth which requires instant attention of a nearby dental expert? Indiana dentists usually are able to assist you with any pressing dental problems. If you are looking for an oral surgeon, periodontist, pediatric dentist or endodontist, skilled, compassionate and experienced dentists may be available for same day appointments in Indiana. Stop by a dental office in Indiana to receive urgent assistance with any dental emergency.

Emergency Dental Services in Indiana

Typically, walk-in Indiana dental clinics will assist you with:

  • Root canal surgery
  • Tooth extraction
  • Tooth bonding
  • Metal and ceramic braces
  • Bridges
  • Extracting a wisdom tooth
  • Dental implants and restoration
  • Crown treatments
  • Dentures issues
  • Plaque and tartar removal
  • Broken tooth repair
  • Jaw pain
  • Dental exams
  • Teeth x-ray
  • Tooth fillings
  • Any types of tooth repairs
  • Gum regeneration
  • Oral examinations
  • Professional whitening
  • Misaligned teeth repair
  • Veneers
  • Tooth sealants
Emergency Dentist Indiana

Insurance accepted

Usually, Indiana emergency dentist offices accept most dental insurance plans, and cash, check and credit card payments. A few of the accepted insurance plans might include:

  • Delta Dental
  • Spirit Dental
  • Cigna
  • Renaissance Dental
  • Humana Dental Insurance
  • Physicians Mutual
  • UnitedHealthOne Dental Insurance
  • Medicaid
  • …and most other dental insurance

Call to double check about your insurance coverage once you are connected to a location near you.

Indiana Dental Staff

A typical Indiana dental clinic may have various dental professionals including:

  • maxillofacial & oral surgeons
  • a periodontist
  • an endodontist
  • a pedodontist / pediatric dentist
  • orthodontists
  • prosthodontists

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